Thursday, 26 July 2012

Lego Update

Roo and Wig are pleased to announce - WE HAVE THE LEGO DEADPOOL CHOPPER SET!!!!! It is incredible fun (says Roo). Fluff would like to point out he has Heroica coming soon...

Wednesday, 11 July 2012


Wig here -

Lego is AWESOME!!!!!!

It is very interesting the way you can break things apart and make different things.

I like Star Wars Lego best.

I am saving up for the Lego Deadpool Chopper set.


Roo here.

In real life, how many octopuses do you think you could actually fit into a car?

And what about elephants in a car? There's lots of jokes about elephants in cars, but are there actually any real elephants in cars?

And here's a steampunk gun to finish it off -

Ballet Girl

Petal here!

I don't like ballet - I LOVE IT! I do it on Mondays with Miss Natalie and at the end of each term we have a big ballet party, where we dress up and have party food, and dance! My best friend at ballet is E, she has curly hair and a pink leotard like me.

I like the fairy dance, and doing plies, and I'm very good at first position and I like the whole class.

I went to the theatre with Mummy and saw a real ballet - it  was was called Giselle, and I enjoyed it very much - we had sweets and we got a flag afterwards with a ballet dancer on it!

Monday, 26 September 2011


Poor Baby Orangutans needs help

Why are you cutting down the trees? Stop it! Otherwise I'll chop your houses down and that would teach you a lesson (i did mention he was kind of militant - typing monkey). The Orangutans and Sumatran Tigers live in the forests and if you cut them down then the animals will get killed or die.
Orangutans are amazing because they can swing from tree to tree, they look friendly, they are like cousins to humans and they live in the forests so when the forests are gone the Orangutans are homeless and starve to death! Mean!
Sumatran Tiger
Why are you cutting down the Sumatran Tigers home as well, it makes them very grumpy and so they attack people or starve! Its wrong to cut the trees down and hurt these animals.
Orangutan babies don't know how to do things easily and have to learn like human babies. If their mummies and daddies are killed then they have no-one to teach them and so they die as well.
Why don't we help our planet and the animals and stop cutting down trees and making a mess with oil.
bye bye and I'll be back soon!
By Fluff (with typing monkeys help - T.M)

Thursday, 22 September 2011


Hello, hello (typist feeling like hes stuck in a room with Bono), i hope your sitting comfortably, we are about to begin telling you about all the things that we have been up to/interested in over the last few months.

Me? Ive been doing the whole movie thing. I really like watching movies on my P.S.P, on the T.V, D.V.D, Blu-Ray (having it burnt into my skull (Roo)) and at the cinema.
Best film of the summer? Too many to pick from. The panda (Kung Fu Panda 2 of course) was very good, Captain America was amazing, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 was mind blowing and they have to be the stand-outs.
I'm going to jump about all the subjects really, movies, wildlife, History and everything in between. If it interests me then I'm going to blog about it and tell you about it. That's me off.

What are we doing? Randomness (not a word but a word Roo uses (Typist)). Goodbye. Fish Fingers.

I'm a huge Darth Vader fan (he was the good guy and we all know it!) and will defend him against the mean old Rebellion as much as i can. In our house elections i campaigned for Vader to become our house M.P against Harry Potter and the nature party and won. Vader promised us Frosties every morning and a nice clean local park (the fact that he threatened to choke anyone that didn't vote for him on his pamphlet may have swung the casual voter, it did the trick for me. Typist).
He is still our M.P and is doing a good job.

We need to stop the Orangutans trees from being cut down, save the Sumatran Tiger and all the animals that are endangered (his words not mine.Typist). We should cut down the houses of the people that are cutting down the trees and see how they like it! (Hes a bit militant folks.T)

I like princesses and Hello Kitty and pink.

I'm too small to type but if i could tell you I'd probably say i love getting dressed, playing with my brothers and sisters, cuddling my mum and dad (they have their uses) and climbing. I watched the animated film Rango yesterday with them all and i really payed attention to it...i didn't like the naughty, scary snake. It was certainly the first film I've taken a real interest in and watched from start to finish without leaping up to go climb something half way through. It was cool.
I will tell you about the odd things that happen along the way through the typing monkey that is only strategically shaved, better known as dad.